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****** My Skate. Flash NEWS!!! *******

2007-08-18 00:01:08 by TheFunk

My main focus ATM is my skate flash that im creating. its going great i am 20 secs in and im aiming for a 1:30 - 2min flash. My music has not been decided yet, i have been doing great progress on it.

About the movie-

Its a 2d skating flash animation. That will contain hopefully over 30 spots that are all different. The movie consists of a bunch of side shots of trick in an area, there will be many many of these in the movie. It is a stick thats skating but i feel with the level im at in flash that its best, its not crappy sticks though its a smooth looking stick thats looks consistently good throughout the movie. And i have just ONE clip to show, sorry.

Also if anybody has suggestions for some good ska music i could use it would be much appreciated.

Here is the clip, drop me a line of what you think!


Ttyl !


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2007-08-18 00:53:08

Kind of bare at the moment, but with some backgrounds some fancier tricks, and it'll be awesome.

TheFunk responds:

yeah, dont worry that was just a teaser i got combos and sweet ass stuff in it dont you worry, and i will of course a bg's


2007-08-18 01:37:37

skate flashes are unoriginal, and using sticks is just plain lazy.

come up with your own ideas.

TheFunk responds:



2007-08-18 08:09:10

WHat rammer said. But man, Raise framerate it was slowweee. :)


(Updated ) TheFunk responds:

Loll heyyy!

And its slow cuz of imageshack, it'll be smooth when up on NG