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Not Another Flash Solo !!

2007-07-29 15:30:35 by TheFunk

I have Started Production on my next Guitar solo flash!

In "Not another flash solo" i will be taking all of the tips i was given off OMF-Solo and making this one loads better. I got such great ideas for it and i think it will be great. Like it wont be a static background, thats what im aiming for with this one, to have as much shit as possible going on and different camera angles and views and such. Also the character will be moving, not a damn statue like last time. Also this one will be around 2 minutes long.

As for the solo itself.... i will not say because i think it will be a pleasant surprise.

Well yeah look out for it within these next 2 months!


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2007-07-29 15:55:38 If you didn't know yet ;)

Also sounds great, 2 months is too long to wait :(