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The new year brings in 2 new submissions.

1. Skate.

I really should of done more with that one, but im sure the future will hold another time to make a skate flash and when that time comes i will not let u down. This could have been a much higher voted flash.

2. NG Ad

This was so-so. It really is a shame about my mic. If you would like to donate to me for a new mic i'd be more then glad. my pay pal is

More to come in '08

My goal this year is to create a flash that gets a 3 + score on NG.

My idea is to make a .... Fuck i got nothing.

Anyways, Pc Niggz

**News About my skate flash**

2007-09-03 20:00:37 by TheFunk

Latly ive been really busy so barly any progress has been done. im still going to finish it soon im just enjoying my last days of summer then it'll be back to school and work. And i've got ideas coming out my ass so that shouldnt delay me. So expect a mid/late september release folks.

Heres a clip : ge=sk8prevgm7.swf

Hope thats good lol.

Its laggs cuz of imageshack.


2007-08-20 21:48:57 by TheFunk

Well the game coming out for 360 in spetember "Skate." 's demo is being released 5am tonight onto XBL and im tear that shit the motherfuck up tommorrow and get a gigantic load of idea for my skate flash.

As for the release date of my Skate. flash im aiming to get it as close to the release date for the video game's release date.

Current state of the flash is about 45 secs into it and aiming for a 130 - 2 min time frame so it will be released hopefully on time. Also clips will come out on my next post and i may make an alpha for it aswell so keep an eye out for it. If you anyway enjoy to see skating i guarantee that my flash will be a definite worth watching video.

As for other projects they're on hold for the time being until the release of my skate flash.

So dont hold your breath.. anyways


My main focus ATM is my skate flash that im creating. its going great i am 20 secs in and im aiming for a 1:30 - 2min flash. My music has not been decided yet, i have been doing great progress on it.

About the movie-

Its a 2d skating flash animation. That will contain hopefully over 30 spots that are all different. The movie consists of a bunch of side shots of trick in an area, there will be many many of these in the movie. It is a stick thats skating but i feel with the level im at in flash that its best, its not crappy sticks though its a smooth looking stick thats looks consistently good throughout the movie. And i have just ONE clip to show, sorry.

Also if anybody has suggestions for some good ska music i could use it would be much appreciated.

Here is the clip, drop me a line of what you think!


Ttyl !

Not Another Flash Solo !!

2007-07-29 15:30:35 by TheFunk

I have Started Production on my next Guitar solo flash!

In "Not another flash solo" i will be taking all of the tips i was given off OMF-Solo and making this one loads better. I got such great ideas for it and i think it will be great. Like it wont be a static background, thats what im aiming for with this one, to have as much shit as possible going on and different camera angles and views and such. Also the character will be moving, not a damn statue like last time. Also this one will be around 2 minutes long.

As for the solo itself.... i will not say because i think it will be a pleasant surprise.

Well yeah look out for it within these next 2 months!


2007-07-22 23:37:08 by TheFunk

Well OMF - Solo Was released today earlier then planned.

I thought and i hoped it would get a better score than it did but whatever. So i have constructive criticism to work with so i hope i'll be able to make the next one better.

Now im not sure whether to start production with "Woah.. Solo" or "Flash Skate Vid"

What do you think, but i also have another secret submission i might get started on.

_________| |____________

Heyy Y'all!

Im Back and hear to lay this shit down for ya!

Production of Agent Funk two has started. It will continue the Story that was left off. And will go on to solve the mystery and to find the Druglord.

Part 2 of Agent Funk will have new drawings of everything! and alternate INTERACTIVE endings! Yep thats right folks, ol' funk is gunna attempts something interesting and prey for the best,

And now onto other News, .............. Sexy NEWS!

Hold Your toke GRAND SESSION will actually not be released until i have made FSV "Flash Skate Video" which will be a Skateboarding flash movie using my talented skateboarding animations that people have like in some of my flash's!

Thats al the piping hot sexy ass news i have for you all now, so until next time FUNK OFF

ahahahaha so damn cheesy and gay!

Heyy Guys its TheFunk!!!!

Im happy to get the page up and my banner and Avy in one day. [Im lazy]

And so i hoping to start production on "Agent Funk P.2" in the next month, and also start the "Hold Your Toke GRAND SESSION" aswell.

So i know my submissions dont get great scores but im doing it for those that enjoy em and im gunna try to do these better thaks to tips from people.

Im out ppl!